Using a Hammock

If you have never used a hammock before maybe you are wondering how to use it, or maybe you have used it before but you are not sure if you were doing it right. Although there is not right or wrong when using a hammock, here we have some tips that will help you to have a much more comfortable experience. Enjoy!!!


Sit with your back to the hammock, as if you are about to sit on a chair. Reach behind you and spread out the hammock before sitting. This will ensure you make full use of the space and your weight is distributed evenly. Now sit down and lay back NEVER climb in feet first.


Swing your legs over the side and sit up. Then standing hold the edges of the hammock and push yourself up and off.


The most comfortable way to be in a hammock is at an angle, this allows you to lie flat with better distribution of weight, lessening tension, and supporting your back for complete comfort. Some of the wide hammocks are best when lying across the center .Double hammocks can sit two people in a variety of positions. You can experiment and find your favorite.


Hang hammock from wall studs or ceiling beams. Find center of stud or beam and with a power drill screw in hooks. Then hang hammock. You can use a rope to compensate the extra distance.


Use side of house or garage. You can use strong fence post, and plant your own post across from it. You may also use available trees, or one tree and one post.

If there aren’t trees or usable walls, place two posts the correct distance apart and hang your hammock between them. Post must be 8 ft long and holes dug 2-3 ft deep so posts stand above grounds 5-6 ft. Use cement to secure.

Hanging from trees: Use hooks if trees can take them without damages; or tie rope around trunk or strong branch.

Sail Boats: May be used on boat (i.e. hung from mast to forestay).

If any of the options above are not suitable, don’t worry you can still enjoy the benefits of the hammock. We have the universal hammock stand in stock. This stand can be used outdoors and indoors (in case you want to enjoy the hammock in a nice winter storm). For more details look in our Hammock Stands Page