Hammock care

Taking care of your hammock will make it last longer. Here we have some advises on how to maintain you hammock so it will stay as comfortable and beautiful as it was the day you got it in your mail.

To wash a hammock

Hand wash in mild detergent (some colors may bleed ) Always tie up arm strings to avoid tangles. It is better to use a pillow cover.

To store a hammock

Hang both ends from one hook on the wall, or fold it up and store it. Do not leave it lying around unfolded.

Weather for hammock

Hammocks last longer if not left out exposed to the elements. Cotton hammocks are more durable than synthetics which breaks down under the suns ultraviolet rays. Still, it is best to store your hammock indoors when not in use.

To hang a hammock

Do not hang hammock directly on hooks as friction wearing may occur. Instead loop a chain or rope from hook through the loop end of the hammock and back to hook. Always hold hammock by loop ends to avoid tangles.

To repair a hammock

Should a string break on an open wave hammock, it will not run, however, you must tie the two broken ends together to avoid the development of a hole.